U of T Canadian Politics Society
University of Toronto Canadian Politics Society

Our Team

Meet our executive members.


Kate Schneider

Co-FOUNDER / Co-President

Kate Schneider is a second year student double majoring in Political Science and Ethics, Society, & Law, with a minor in Economics. She brings her organizational and communication skills to her executive role, in addition to her experience on the University of Toronto Association of Political Science Students. Her main Canadian politics interests are democratic institutions, political parties, and the constitution.


David de Paiva

Co-FOUNDER / Co-President

David de Paiva is a second year student double majoring in Poli Sci and Urban Studies, with a minor in Russian Literature. He brings a wealth of passion for Canadian politics to our executive team. David first got into Canadian politics because of the 2014 Ontario election, and stayed interested because of his passion for Canadian political history.


Talia Holy


Talia Holy is a second year student double majoring in Poli Sci and Women & Gender Studies, with a minor in Sexual Diversity Studies. Talia brings her knowledge of social media management and communication skills to the exec team. She’s interested in the intersection of law and politics in Canada, in addition to addressing the violence of settler colonialism within Canada.


Emma Davy


Emma Davy is a second year student at Victoria College completing a specialist in International Relations with a minor in Economics. She is interested in studying global affairs, economic institutions, and humanitarian crises. Emma brings her experience as a compliance analyst in the G7 Research Group to the exec team.


Alexa Kalsatos

Operations Coordinator

Alexa Kalsatos is a second year student at Trinity College majoring in Political Science with a double minor in History and Canadian Studies. She became interested in politics after volunteering for her MP, joining her Youth Constituency Council, and volunteering for elections. Alexa brings her love of event-planning and organizational skills to the exec team.


Joshua Bowman

Outreach & REcruitment Coordinator

Joshua Bowman is a fourth year student at St. Michael’s College completing a double major in Political Science and Indigenous Studies. He is interested in Canadian federalism and Indigenous self-governance. Josh brings his experience of community organizing on campus to our exec team in order to build CanPol into a club that is accessible, equitable, and contingent on student participation.