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University of Toronto Canadian Politics Society

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University of Toronto Canadian Politics Society


Creating a non-partisan space for students passionate about Canadian politics

As the largest non-partisan Canadian politics-related organization on campus, we aim to engage the students of U of T by providing events and opportunities that help foster an interest in Canadian politics. Whether you are a political science student or just an individual passionate about engaging with your community, we welcome anyone hoping to learn more about Canada and its political system.



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Our Mission

1) Foster Discussion

We hope to encourage students with differing views to engage in discussion with one another on issues affecting our country. By fostering discussion among students, we aim to have students think critically about their own viewpoints

2) Promote Engagement

We aim to promote engagement with current events and issues in Canadian politics. We wish to empower students to get involved with politics at all levels of government and want to remind them that they are capable of making meaningful contributions to the world around them.

3) Create a community

We strive to create an environment where passion for Canadian politics is above all else. We seek to connect like-minded students who share common interests, as well as collaborate with other organizations within the broader University of Toronto community.



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Use the form below to contact us regarding any questions or concerns. Please be as detailed as possible. Feel free to get in touch with us through email at uoftcanpol@gmail.com.

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