U of T Canadian Politics Society
University of Toronto Canadian Politics Society


Our commitment to inclusivity.

Why have inclusivity guidelines?

At the University of Toronto Canadian Politics Society, we strive to create as inclusive an environment as possible so everyone can share their love for Canadian politics.

The following guidelines were developed by our executive team to hold ourselves accountable when planning events. Have any questions about the guidelines below? Suggestions about how we should alter them to be more equitable and inclusive? Thoughts on whether we are fulfilling our responsibilities as an executive team? Please feel free to contact us.

Inclusivity Guidelines (Last updated October 31, 2018)

We will always (no matter what) …  

  • Book rooms in buildings that are wheelchair accessible

  • Book rooms that have a capacity larger than our estimated turnout to prevent uncomfortable crowding in the case that our event is more popular than anticipated (could accomodate people with claustrophobia, social anxiety, size accommodations, etc.)

  • End our events on or before the time listed (or allow people to leave at the listed time)

  • Acknowledge our impact as settlers upon the land on which we hold our events prior to beginning them

  • Post the following information on our Facebook events and website:

    • Instructions on how to access the wheelchair accessible entrances

    • Nature of the washrooms available (single stall or multiple; gendered or not, etc.)

  • Provide food that accommodates the following dietary restrictions

    • Vegan

    • Gluten-free

    • Dairy-free

    • Peanut-free

  • Use gender-neutral language in all of our club’s communications

  • Ask club members/execs their preferred pronouns

We will strive to (when possible/considering financial or other constraints imposed by U of T) …

  • If showing video, screen it with closed captioning

  • Only book buildings that have gender neutral bathrooms

  • Provide food that accommodates other dietary restrictions other than the ones listed above

  • On Facebook event and website, give contact for people to request other accommodations for the event

  • Have our panels be as diverse as possible

  • Reach out to other campus groups to ensure people across U of T know of our events

  • Include audience participation in all events

  • Make event content as intersectional as possible